Is the Rakuten Affiliate Program Worth It? Insider Secrets Revealed (2024)

In this step-by-step guide you will let you know all about rakuten affiliate program. Affiliate marketing has become one of the most popular ways to monetize websites and blogs. Among the myriad of affiliate programs available, the Rakuten Affiliate Program stands out as a prominent choice. But is it worth it? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the details of the Rakuten Affiliate Program, uncover insider secrets, and help you decide if it’s the right fit for your affiliate marketing efforts.

Rakuten affiliate program

What is the Rakuten Affiliate Program?

Rakuten, formerly known as LinkShare, is one of the oldest and most reputable affiliate networks. Founded in 1996, it connects publishers (affiliates) with merchants looking to promote their products. The program offers a vast array of products across multiple categories, providing affiliates with numerous opportunities to earn commissions.

How Does the Rakuten Affiliate Program Work?

The Rakuten Affiliate Program operates on a performance-based model. This is a detailed explanation of how it operates:

1. Sign Up: Affiliates sign up for free and create an account.

2. Choose Merchants: Affiliates browse through available merchants and choose those whose products align with their audience.

3. Generate Links: Affiliates generate unique tracking links for the products they want to promote.

4. Promote: Affiliates integrate these links into their content, such as blog posts, social media, or email marketing campaigns.

5. Earn Commissions: The affiliate receives a commission when a user clicks on the affiliate link and purchases something.

Key Features and Benefits

1. Diverse Merchant Base: Rakuten hosts a wide range of merchants, from large retailers to niche brands, offering products in various categories.

2. Reliable Payments: Rakuten is known for its reliable and timely payment system, ensuring affiliates receive their earnings without hassle.

3. Comprehensive Reporting: The platform provides detailed analytics and reporting tools to track performance and optimize campaigns.

4. Dedicated Support: Rakuten offers dedicated affiliate support to help troubleshoot issues and provide guidance

Insider Secrets to Maximizing Earnings with Rakuten

To truly leverage the Rakuten Affiliate Program, it’s important to adopt strategies that enhance your earning potential. Here are some insider tips:

1. Niche Down: Focus on a specific niche that aligns with your audience’s interests. Higher conversion rates and more focused marketing are made possible by this.

2. High-Quality Content: Create high-quality, valuable content that naturally incorporates affiliate links. This builds trust with your audience and increases the likelihood of conversions.

3. SEO Optimization: Optimize your content for search engines to drive organic traffic. To increase visibility, make use of alt tags, meta descriptions, and pertinent keywords.

4. Email Marketing: Build an email list and incorporate affiliate links into your newsletters. Personalized recommendations can drive significant sales.

5. Seasonal Promotions: Take advantage of seasonal promotions and holiday sales. Consumers are more likely to make purchases during these times.

Comparison Table Rakuten VS Other Affiliate Program

FeatureRakuten Affiliate ProgramAmazon AssociatesCommission Junction (CJ Affiliate)
Merchant VarietyWide range of merchants in various nichesExtensive product rangeLarge network of diverse merchants
Commission RatesVaries by merchantTypically low to moderateVaries by merchant
Payment ScheduleNet 60Net 60Net 20
Reporting ToolsComprehensive and detailedBasicAdvanced
SupportDedicated affiliate supportLimitedRobust support system
Cookie DurationVaries by merchant24 hoursVaries by merchant

Pros and Cons of the Rakuten Affiliate Program


The Rakuten Affiliate Program offers a plethora of benefits, including a diverse array of merchants across multiple industries, which allows affiliates to cater to various audience interests and diversify their income streams. The program’s high-quality support ensures affiliates have access to prompt and knowledgeable assistance, aiding in quick resolution of issues and strategic optimization of campaigns. Detailed reporting and analytics tools provide in-depth insights into performance metrics, enabling data-driven decisions that enhance marketing efficiency and profitability. Rakuten’s long-standing reputation as a reputable network instills confidence in its reliability and trustworthiness, making it a dependable choice for affiliates. Additionally, access to exclusive promotions and deals from merchants helps affiliates create compelling campaigns that attract more customers and boost conversion rates.


However, the Rakuten Affiliate Program also has some drawbacks. The complex application process can be a significant barrier, especially for new affiliates or those without an established online presence, as it requires detailed information and can be time-consuming. Variable commission rates across different merchants and product categories can impact earning potential, necessitating careful selection and additional research. The net 60 payment terms mean that affiliates receive their earnings 60 days after the end of the month in which the commission was earned, which can affect cash flow and require careful financial management. Furthermore, affiliates need to apply and be approved by individual merchants within the network, adding another layer of complexity and potential delay in starting promotional activities.

FAQs About Rakuten Affiliate Program

Q1: How do I join the Rakuten Affiliate Program?

A1: You can join by visiting the Rakuten Affiliate Network website and signing up for an account. The application process involves providing information about your website and marketing strategies.

Q2: Is there a cost to join the Rakuten Affiliate Program?

A2: No, joining the Rakuten Affiliate Program is free. However, you must be approved by individual merchants to start promoting their products.

Q3: How do I get paid?

Rakuten pays affiliates through direct deposit or check, with payments processed on a net 60 basis.


The Rakuten Affiliate Program offers a robust and reliable platform for affiliates to monetize their content. With a diverse range of merchants, detailed reporting tools, and dedicated support, it presents a compelling option for those looking to earn through affiliate marketing. However, the variable commission rates and longer payment cycles are factors to consider.

By leveraging insider tips and focusing on high-quality content and targeted marketing, you can maximize your earnings and make the most of what Rakuten has to offer.Ultimately, whether the Rakuten Affiliate Program is worth it depends on your specific goals, niche, and marketing strategies. Consider the pros and cons, compare it with other affiliate programs, and choose the one that best aligns with your objectives.

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